Look for your classroom teacher below and click on their name.  This will take you on a journey into their classroom.

 Pre K:    Kindergarten:    Grade 1:
Mrs. Longo   Mrs. Connolly   Ms. Marinelli
Mrs. Lusa   Mrs. Dingler   Mrs. Horn
    Mrs. Ross   Mrs. Gauvin
 Grade 2:    Grade 3:    Grade 4:
Mrs. Klock   Ms. Compton    
Mrs. Zotti   Mrs. Turcotte   Mrs. Welz
 Mr. Horn   Mr. Busse   Ms. Anderson
    Ms. Imhoff    
 Resources:      Specials:  
      Art  Ms. Boulanger
SPED K-3 Mrs. Gendron   Music  Miss Stickles
SPED 4-6 Mrs. Courtright   Instrumental Mrs. Cappoziello
SLP Mrs. Lemos   PE/Health Miss Noheimer
SPED CORR Mrs. Knecht   PE/Health Mr. Ackerson
Math Specialist Mrs. Dimmock   Media and Writing  Mrs. Craven
Reading Specialist Mrs. Makuch