Language Arts

On this page it is our hope to provide you with resources to help you understand what is being taught in our classrooms.  Your child’s education is one of the most important aspects of his or her life.

Curriculum and Instruction is based on:

Reading and Writing Resources:

Ashford subscribes to an on line reading program that supports the development of reading skills at both home and school.  Below is a link to get more information on this program and to find out how you can provide this program at home.

Lexia Reading Program

Grades K-3 access a program called Wonders as one of the resources to teach reading and a program called Fundamentals of Writing.  Below are links to give you an overview of the programs.

In 4th grade the teachers access the Fundamentals program for both reading and writing.

Reading Fundamentals

Starting in 2nd grade each child is assessed at least three times a year, once in the fall, winter and spring in grades 2-8.  Below is a parent guide about the assessment and to the Accelerated Reader.

Parent Guide to Accelerated Reader– English

Parent Guide to Accelerated Reader – Spanish

Parent Guide to STAR Assessments– English

Parent Guide to STAR Assessments– Spanish